The Walking Dead Scene Season 5 Episode 8 Daryl Carries Beth


Season 5 shocker in the mid-season finale – along with other clips of scenes that feature Daryl and Beth, these video clips show Daryl carrying Beth out of the hospital after the group’s confrontation with the hospital inhabitants while attempting to carry out the plan to rescue Beth and Carol. Unfortunately and sadly, Beth was killed in a spur of the moment reaction by the woman who was in charge of the hospital.

The following compilation of video clips also shows the reactions of Beth’s sister Maggie and the rest of the group as they begin to realize what has happened.

On The Walking Dead:
Norman Reedus plays the character Daryl
Emily Kinney plays the character Beth

A special bond as friends had grown over time between the characters of Daryl and Beth. So sad to have Beth gone from the show. Her character will be missed and remembered fondly.

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