The Big Bang Theory First Series to Average 4 Million Weekly Viewers in Canada! – Keep up with the latest News! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! – Get more news & buzz around the top TV shows online! The Big Bang Theory continues to break records in Canada as the first program to ever average 4 million viewers a week. Transcription The Big Bang Theory breaks records in Canada. This is Rachel and it’s coming up in today’s Big Bang Theory TV news! We’ve reported previously that Canadians love the Big Bang Theory and well, the show is continuing to break records. It is the first program in Canada to EVER average 4 million viewers a week. The show has grown 25% in viewers this season and averages over 1 million more viewers than its closest competitor, which, if you’re curious, is CSI. That’s it for today’s Big Bang Theory TV news — watch new episodes in the US Thursdays at 8 on CBS.