The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Bloopers Gag Reel

the big bang theory tv actors cast

The tv series the Big Bang Theory is filmed in front of a live audience. Lots of laughs, including when there are unintentional bloopers by the cast. Video clips show some of those fun bloopers and gags from season 7 of the series, as a gag reel for your enjoyment.

The creative Big Bang Theory comedy show mixes science with geek culture personalities which is a great blend for lots of laughs, as well as for everyday happenings that people in general can relate to. It is no wonder that the series has a huge fan base of loyal viewers. Enjoy watching online the bloopers clips video below.

Curated From YouTube – Video clips of bloopers from Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory TV series, property of CBS ©.