Ringer – Mirror

– Haider Rifaat Presents: An Exclusive Production Video – A Special Video Of “Ringer” Called “Mirror.” I Really Wanted To Make A Different Video For This Show As There Is So Much Going On. Every Episode Is A Mystery! One Of My Favourite TV Shows (First Being Buffy The Vampire Slayer). The Video Conveys Various Messages About Finding Yourself When You Are Captivated In Fear And Darkness. I Am Sure That You All Will Enjoy The Video! :) Concept: “Mirror On The Wall.” The Video Shows The Tough Struggles Of Bridget (Who Has Taken Over Her Twin Sister’s Life After Her Mysterious Disappearance). Bridget Has Sacrificed Her Life For Her Sister (Siobhan). She Is Cleaning Up Her Mess And Is Left With No Option But To Hide Her Own Identity. On The Other Side, The Vicious Sister Siobhan Is Plotting Against Her Own Sister, Trying To Make Her Life Miserable Than Ever. Bridget Is A Stranger To Everyone. All She Has Is A Mirrored Reflection Of Her Through Which She Tries To Satisfy And Overcome Her Difficulties. The Answer To One Question Remains Anonymous, Will Siobhan Succeed In Snatching Bridget’s Little Happiness Now That She Is Gradually Adjusting In Her Life? xNefariousDesperadoX, 2012 Productions. (S.Haider Rifaat)