Grimm Video Clip Juliette Visits Trailer to Try to Regain Her Memory

What I know about the back story of this video clip from watching the show myself:

After Juliette lost her memory regarding Nick, she asked Monroe to take her to the trailer in an attempt to regain her memory. Monroe was hesitant to do so, thinking that Nick should be the one to take Juliette to explore the trailer but after realizing that Juliette wasn’t ready to be around Nick again yet and after Nick urged Monroe to do as Juliette requested, Monroe did agree to drive Juliette to the location of the trailer (very few people even knew that this trailer existed or knew the location of it; Nick had previously let Monroe in on this secret).

In this video clip, because Juliette doesn’t remember the time that Nick tried to tell her that he is a Grimm and what that means (and Monroe knows that), Monroe is vague in reacting to Juliette’s comments or questions while they are inside the trailer. Toward the end of this video clip, Juliette begins to get some memory back which come in the form of seeing multiple Nicks all talking at the same time and this freaks her out.

The story unfolds further in the next episodes of the TV show Grimm, which airs on NBC.

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