Emily Kinney Cries on Talking Dead About Beth Character End

The show The Talking Dead discusses the mid-season finale for season 5. A guest star on the show, Emily Kinney, who played the character of Beth Green on The Walking Dead, is asked how it felt to be filming her final scenes. Emily Kinney tries not to cry but can’t hold it back; she cries a little when telling her feelings about the Beth death scene, as she had become quite vested as an actor in her role as Beth and also the end of that acting role for her meant no longer seeing the other actors of the show on the daily basis that she had become used to during the filming of episodes. She had relocated to the area of the filming and had lived there for the 3 – 4 years that she was acting as a character on The Walking Dead but would now be relocating elsewhere and leaving those friends behind. A remark was made by the show host on the Talking Dead that it is nice to know that the show and her character on the show meant as much to Emily Kinney as this has to the fans of The Walking Dead. #RIPBeth

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