Deception TV Show Premiere Episode 1 Plot Video Clips

This TV show centers around the (hinted to be psychotic) Bowers family and an undercover agent named Joanna (played by star Meagan Good). The premiere show, January 2013, contained enough intrigue, action and suspense to make me want to come back for more.

If you missed the first episode or just want to see some of the scenes again, the following video shows clips from the show that will give you a basic idea of the plot summary.

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Meagan Good’s character, Joanna, was hesitant at first to go undercover in the Bowers house but she was compelled by her desire to find out if her childhood friend had not died of an overdose, but had actually been murdered. As you watch the first episode, you’ll realize that there are so many secrets in the Bowers house and danger lurking, as well. Watch the video below to see the scenes where Joanna first learns of the possibility of entering the house as an undercover agent.

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Want to know how tough Joanna is really? What is behind that tough exterior? Meagan Good talks about her character Joanna in the following video. She also says that this show will keep you constantly in suspense as more episodes unfold.

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