Beatles’ protege Jackie Lomax dies – See Music Videos of Vocalist Lomax

British rocker Jackie Lomax, who recorded with fabulous superstars yet whose own occupation always seemed a diploma eliminated from popularity, perished at the age of 69, September 2013.

Sour Milk Sea – Beatles without Lennon, featuring vocalist Jackie Lomax

Some of the lyrics of the song Sour Milk Sea heard in the YouTube video above:
“If your life’s not right, doesn’t satisfy you. Don’t get the breaks like some of us do. Better work it out, find where you’ve gone wrong. Better do it soon as you don’t have long.
Get out of Sour Milk Sea, you don’t belong there. Get back to where you should be. Find out what’s going on there …”

Jackie Lomax – The Blues Made Me Do It (live 2004):

Jackie Lomax Interview, Music: