Critics Discuss Texas Rising History Miniseries on Video

“Texas Rising” Mondays at 9/8c on the History Channel.

This miniseries features both real and fictional characters from that time in history. The Texas Rangers play a large role in the fight against the tyrant Santa Anna, who disregards the rules of war and takes no prisoners. No one is safe who is in the path of the Santa Anna troops. This miniseries focuses on the time period after the fall of the Alamo in the year 1826, detailing the events that followed in the surrounding areas.

The first episode introduces individuals and groups of people from various locations around the Alamo, with the viewers getting to know these people and wanting to know what will happen with them. In the second episode viewers see some of their stories unfold. History told in an interesting interpretation style.

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Texas Rising Series on History Channel

History channel’s event series, “Texas Rising,” premiered on Memorial Day 2015. It is a dramatic interpretation of history events that occurred after the fall of the Alamo in Texas in the year 1826.

The fall of the Alamo was not the end of the fighting. It was the beginning. This series brings history to life in an interesting way, showing the various individuals, groups of people, armies and even whole towns that were directly effected by the ruthless Santa Anna and his armies.

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Bill Paxton of Texas Rising History Miniseries Sam Houston

Bill Paxton, star of “Aliens” and “Titanic” and the new History Channel miniseries, “Texas Rising,” talks with Christopher John Farley about his special bond with the Lone Star state.

Bill Paxton plays the character Sam Houston on Texas Rising. Sam Houston has a heavy responsibility in trying to plan a strategy that would make an effort to defeat Santa Anna. Complications are that Houston’s troops are worn out and underfed. In one of the scenes Sam Houston asks about the state of their supplies and was told that they had two days of beans left and no meat. Sam Houston tried to plan carefully in light of the fact that he knew his troops had only one battle left in them, as far as the remaining stamina and strength of the men.

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Grimm TV Series Photos

Video above is an interview with the actor (David Giuntoli) who plays the character Nick, the Grimm. He talks about some of the events that happened on the show during season 4, prior to the season finale, focusing mainly on the Nick and Juliette relationship.

The following video shows an interview with Bitsie Tulloch, who plays the character Juliette. Hear her take on her transformation into a Hexenbiest and why she thinks that character began to follow a darker and darker path.

This TV series has gained a wide fan following. Can’t get enough Grimm? Browse through photos of the actors, behind the scenes and highlights images while waiting for the next episode to air on NBC.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Bloopers Gag Reel

the big bang theory tv actors cast

The tv series the Big Bang Theory is filmed in front of a live audience. Lots of laughs, including when there are unintentional bloopers by the cast. Video clips show some of those fun bloopers and gags from season 7 of the series, as a gag reel for your enjoyment.

The creative Big Bang Theory comedy show mixes science with geek culture personalities which is a great blend for lots of laughs, as well as for everyday happenings that people in general can relate to. It is no wonder that the series has a huge fan base of loyal viewers. Enjoy watching online the bloopers clips video below.

Curated From YouTube – Video clips of bloopers from Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory TV series, property of CBS ©.


The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Highlights Video

Season 7 episode names and numbers:
How Starfleet Captains.. (7×1)
Did I get it right (7×1)
Here come the waterworks (7×19)
Pass the butter (7×19)
Being Penny’s daughter (7×14)
You’d be the oldest one here (7×14)
Fancy g (7×16)
Damn it, I got cocky (7×16)
Playing a game with Bernadette (7×3)
Stop wasting time (7×3)
Howard and Amy in a car (7×3)
Team Community College winning (7×3)
I love Neil Diamond (7×3)
Finding the map coördinates (7×3)
More Neil Diamond (7×3)
Teamed up with Penny (7×3)
Not that one (7×21)
Collecting additional data (7×15)
I didn’t dream that?! (7×4)
Unable to consummate (7×9)
Focus is key (7×9)
Drinking a beer together (7×9)
The plot like my gravy thickens (7×9)
Sheldon drunk (7×9)
Amy getting spanked (7×9)
Laundry night with Sheldon (7×11)
And I’m the hottest one (7×11)
We’re dreamers (7×13)
I thought she said Yoda (7×13)
Sheldon leaving (7×24)

Emily Kinney Cries on Talking Dead About Beth Character End

The show The Talking Dead discusses the mid-season finale for season 5. A guest star on the show, Emily Kinney, who played the character of Beth Green on The Walking Dead, is asked how it felt to be filming her final scenes. Emily Kinney tries not to cry but can’t hold it back; she cries a little when telling her feelings about the Beth death scene, as she had become quite vested as an actor in her role as Beth and also the end of that acting role for her meant no longer seeing the other actors of the show on the daily basis that she had become used to during the filming of episodes. She had relocated to the area of the filming and had lived there for the 3 – 4 years that she was acting as a character on The Walking Dead but would now be relocating elsewhere and leaving those friends behind. A remark was made by the show host on the Talking Dead that it is nice to know that the show and her character on the show meant as much to Emily Kinney as this has to the fans of The Walking Dead. #RIPBeth

More Video Clips to See About the Character of Beth on The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead Season 5 Mid Season Finale Coda Beth Character Spotlight!

The Walking Dead Season 5 Post Mid-Season Finale – Beth Character Spotlight, thoughts on video.

Trev talks about the Walking Dead episode named Coda, which was the mid season finale for Season 5, along with his thoughts on the way that the character of Beth evolved throughout the seasons, how he originally felt about that character and then how his thoughts changed as we saw Beth’s character develop and we got to know her better and care more for this character. This video has a character spotlight on one of the best developed characters from The Walking Dead season 4 and 5, that is of course Beth Greene. Spoiler warning!

Coda is her final episode of the show.

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The Walking Dead 3×01 Video Clip Beth Sings The Parting Glass Scene

This video clip shows a scene from The Walking Dead where Beth sings. Partway through the song, her sister Maggie joins in.

This is the part of the series where the group has found a safe refuge in an abandoned prison. In this scene they are sitting around a campfire outdoors, enjoying their rare time of safety, where the walkers are kept out by the prison fences that night and the group can finally semi-relax for a short time.

When the song is done, Beth and Maggie’s father, Hershel, remarks in appreciation, with one word: “Beautiful”.

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On The Walking Dead:

Emily Kinney plays the character Beth

More about Emily Kinney and her Walking Dead Role:

Follow Beth’s Journey on The Walking Dead

Watch this video interview with Emily Kinney

Season 5 Episode 8 Video Clip of Scene Daryl Carries Beth – Mid-season finale shocker.

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Emily Kinney Beth Greene on The Walking Dead Video Interview

Fans of the TV series The Walking Dead will enjoy watching this video, where Emily Kinney (known as Beth on The Walking Dead) answers questions about her acting career, how she got started in acting, how she found acting gigs when she was just starting out, her advice for people wanting to be actors and more.

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The multitalented Emily Kinney, popularly known for her role as Beth Greene on “The Walking Dead”, discusses her first acting roles and breakthrough into the entertainment industry in this exclusive interview. What started out as a few theatre gigs that she blogged about on the Backstage website eventually flourished into a career in film and television. Now an established actress, Emily hopes to continue furthering her career in film and television as well as pursue a career in music. Watch the interview to hear her insights on working within the industry and her plans for the future.

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